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BALLOTS - Week 7

As always, we'll lead off with our MGoBlog BlogPoll ballot and finish with our SEC PowerPoll ballot after the jump.

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama
2 Florida
3 Texas
4 Cincinnati 2
5 Boise State
6 Iowa 5
7 TCU 1
8 Miami (Florida) 1
9 Southern Cal 2
10 Oregon
11 Georgia Tech 8
12 LSU 1
13 Oklahoma State 1
14 Houston 6
15 Penn State 7
16 Virginia Tech 12
17 Brigham Young
18 Utah
19 Texas Tech
20 South Carolina 4
21 Pittsburgh
22 Kansas 4
23 West Virginia
24 Ohio State 12
25 Central Michigan
Last week's ballot
Dropped Out: Nebraska (#15), South Florida (#21), Auburn (#23), Wisconsin (#24), Oklahoma (#25).
Others Receiving Votes: Wisconsin, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ole Miss

Plenty of teams debut in this weeks polls, including Texas Tecn, Pitt, West Virginia, and--get this--Central Michigan.  Ohio State and Virginia Tech took the biggest tumbles, whereas Georgia Tech and Penn State made the biggest leaps out of the teams which were also a part of last week's ballots.  There was no contention over Alabama being number 1 or, oddly enough, Georgia Tech being at number 11 amongst our individual bloggeur ballots; while the most contention came with BYU (high of 13, low of 24), West Virginia (high of 19, low of NR), Ohio State (high of 20, low of NR), and LSU (high of 7, low of 15).  The top of the poll is static, but that's expected.

Amongst our PowerPoll ballots, the tops and bottoms were unanimous, with Alabama and Florida taking everyone's respective 1 and 2 spots, and Mississippi State and Vanderbilt doing the same with the 11's and 12's.  The most disagreement came with Georgia and Tennessee.  It seems that some of us want to praise Tennessee for beating Georgia while simultaneously punishing the Classic City Canines for being bad, and vice versa (but substitute "beating Georgia" with "beating Arkansas").

1. ALABAMA - Efficient, methodical, and nearly mistake free.  Alabama is the best team in America right now and everyone resents it.  Anyone who thinks otherwise is foolish/a voter in the USA Today Poll.

2. FLORIDA - They haven't lost, but they haven't really "won" every game they've played either.  Coughing up four fumbles but still winning Saturday's game says as much about Florida as it does about Arkansas.

3. LSU - As Orson Swindle put it, LSU has looked like "gilded mule shit" this season.  But, with only one loss, where in the hell else are you going to put them?

4. SOUTH CAROLINA - Their two losses were close and competitive.  The Gamecocks still have a lot to look forward to down the stretch.

5. ARKANSAS - The Rebs and the Razorbacks actually tied in this week's ballot.  Amongst the Cuppers, both teams were exclusively within the 5 to 7 range.  Neither is bad, but neither has proven to be as good as their fans want to think they are.  Also, each can only boast one conference victory.

5. OLE MISS - This weekend should answer whatever lingering questions most folks may have concerning the Rebels.

7. TENNESSEE - This is the hardest team to figure out right now.  They are hardly a favorite in any game on their schedule against teams not named Vanderbilt, but cannot be counted out either.

8. AUBURN - Auburn will still go bowling this season which, as many Tigers fans have quickly forgotten, is better than they fared last season.

9. GEORGIA - My how the mighty have fallen.

10. KENTUCKY - Beat Auburn for the first time since the 1940's or 50's or something?  Check!  People notice or give you credit?  Eh, kinda.

11. MISSISSIPPI STATE - State just doesn't have the talent to keep up as it is.  However, they could pull a wacky "hey look Florida still can't win in Starkville" move this weekend.  How?  I dunno; but I can't discount it as a possibility.

12. VANDERBILT - Vandy's back baby!