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Rebel Roundup - 10/2/09 - Afternoon Edition

Get over it
I'm busy with stuff and things.  One Man to Beat isn't necessarily, he just hates you.  WotO and Juco's prediction will be up sometime this afternoon.  I promise.

Rebels Seek Return to Win Column |
Here's the only stale, neutrally-slanted rundown of the upcoming Rebels vs. Commodores matchup you'll need.

Gamecock Man's Week Five SEC Picks | Garnet and Black Attack
Maybe he's just really, really thankful we gave him the opportunity to participate in our Blogger Q&A or something.  Or, maybe he just thinks Ole Miss is that good.  Regardless, Gamecock man has this to say:

This year's Ole Miss will be looking for blood, and this year's Vandy doesn't appear to be quite as opportunistic. Look for the Rebels to win in an ugly rout.

I'm a homer, so naturally I agree.

Saturday's Stories | Team Speed Kills
Year 2 breaks down the SEC storylines of the week and also expects our Rebels to avenge last year's heartbreaking loss.