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Rebel Roundup - 10/19/09

 Auburn's Fast Start Among the Top Stories of the 2009 Season | Track Em Tigers
Here is a look at some of the top stories of the SEC thus far from an Auburn fan's perspective.  It is naturally tilted towards the Plainsmen, but hell, we play them in two weeks so why not get a head start on my blog reading.  I do have contention with Coulter's assertion that

There's perhaps no bigger story in the SEC than the success of Gene Chizik and his young Auburn team

but perhaps that's because he wrote the piece before Auburn lost to Kentucky.  Remember, Tebow still exists, so he is--by default--the biggest story in the ultraverse.  [Auburn Blogger] also states that

(n)ever has a bowl victory given a team a bigger bounce heading into the next season than the Rebels whipping of Texas Tech in January's Cotton Bowl

which, upon looking at LSU's beatdown of Georgia Tech in the Peach Bowl and their subsequent media fellation, becomes obviously false.  I'd say the Bayou Bengals and our Rebels both received their fair share of undeserved media attention during the preseason.  Regardless of my contentions, however, it is a comprehensive read from a different perspective.  Go for it.

Arkansas Game Reminiscient of Ole Miss | The Independent Florida Alligator
Well, except for the fact that the Gators won, of course.  Meyer does tie them together as both being games the Gators played poorly in by turning the ball over and not executing on certain crucial plays.  But still, we won, Arkansas didn't, Houston Nutt, Hotty Toddy, etc etc.

Saturday NFL Draft Watch Notes | Mocking the Draft
SBN's NFL Draft site had this to say

Prediction: Today is the day Ole Miss quarterback Jevan Snead begins to turn his season around. The Rebels play a listless UAB team and Snead could get back on the first-round radar.

Eh.  I dunno.  Carving up the worst pass defense in America (I keep saying that but am too lazy to look it up; if it's false, get over it.) isn't that impressive. 

Sundays With Houston: Arkansas Week | Brandt
Houston Nutt's weekly meeting with the Ole Miss beat writers yielded some interesting bits of tid, namely Pat Patterson's suspension, the progress of Snead, and Nutt's thoughts on Ryan Mallett.  Also, HEY ARKANSAS FANS HOUSTON NUTT SAID SOMETHING GRRR ANGRY THAT WAY RAWR!