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Proofreading - 10/18/09

Today's pre-pre-Top 25 is all about categories.  Practically every team with two losses or fewer are considered below and grouped into specific categories.  Once again, this is not necessarily the Top 25 from yours truly.  However, with seven weeks in the books, these categories are ranked and movement outside of them will require your expert convincing.  A teams best wins are listed after its record.  Underlines indicate wins that I think are really good.  Italics indicate good losses.  Bold lettering indicates losses that are ... not so good.

Proofreading, after the break.

UNDEFEATED AND THEM SOME - no explanations necessary.

ALABAMA (7-0, VTech, OM, Scar)


TEXAS (6-0, TXTech, OU)


UNDEFEATED BUT NEED SOME - It's no longer fair to say these teams have nothing to go along with their spotless ledgers - excepting, perhaps, TCU.  But we all know they don't belong anywhere north of #4, yet.

BOISE STATE (6-0, Oregon, Tulsa)

CINCINNATI (6-0, South Florida, Oregon State)

IOWA (7-0, Penn State, Arizona, Wisconsin)

TCU (6-0, Clemson)


BEST OF THE ONE-LOSSERS - These teams have played top games against good opponents, and, excepting the bizarre USC loss in Seattle and Miami's egg in Blacksburg, have generally put on impressive shows against tough teams.

SOUTHERN CAL (5-1, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Washington)

OREGON (5-1, Utah, Cal, Boise State)

MIAMI (5-1, GTech, OU, VTech)

GEORGIA TECH (6-1, VTech, UNC, Miami)

OKLAHOMA STATE (5-1, Mizzou, Houston)


ONE LOSS, TWO FACES - I approve highly of at least one win on these teams' ledgers, however, I highly disapprove of one loss.

HOUSTON (5-1, Oklahoma State, TXTech, UTEP)

BYU (6-1, Oklahoma, Florida State)


FIVE WINS?  BIG DEAL - These teams have one loss, but it's in their only big game.  No other wins really scream.

PENN STATE (6-1, Minnesota, Iowa)

LSU (5-1, UGA, Florida)

UTAH (5-1, Colorado State, Oregon)

SOUTH FLORIDA (5-1, Florida State, Cincy)

WEST VIRGINIA (5-1, Colorado, Auburn)

CENTRAL MICHIGAN (6-1, Michigan State, Arizona)


ONE LOSS ... AND IT'S A BAD ONE - These teams have not yet proven themselves against top competition, and, furthermore, have one fairly unimpressive loss.

PITT (6-1, Navy, NCState)

KANSAS (5-1, Iowa State, Colorado)

IDAHO (6-1, Colorado State, Washington)


TOP TWO LOSS TEAMS - These teams have lost twice, but have one at least once against at least one team that with two losses or fewer.

VIRGINIA TECH (5-2, Miami, Nebraska, BC, Bama, GT)

TEXAS TECH (5-2, Nebraska, Texas, Houston)

NEBRASKA (4-2, Mizzou, VTech, TXTech)


TWO LOSSES, ONE OF THEM BAD - These teams have two losses, and one of them is bad ... I guess that's pretty self-explanatory.


OHIO STATE (5-2, Wisconsin, Southern Cal, Purdue)

MICHIGAN (5-2, Notre Dame, Iowa, Mchigan State)

ARIZONA (4-2, Oregon State, Central Michigan, Iowa, Washington)