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UAB 13 @ Ole Miss 48 - Numbers - EDIT: Drive Chart Added

Y'all know the deal.  We're hardly casual Rebels.  On Autumn Saturdays we do things like actually go to the games, eat and drink until we regret it, drink some more to shoo the regret away, and party with you fair readers.  As such, we're likely never to have information and analysis immediately after the game and, if we were to, it sure as shit wouldn't be lurid.

So Whiskey Wednesday will give his impressions soon.  I'll share some numbers and my thoughts thereon.

  • We were pretty efficient on third downs, going 8 of 13.  I am curious as to how that will translate against an Arkansas team which, as our Rebels, is still pretty hard to figure out.
  • We had a whopping 150 more yards offensively than the Blazers.  Much of their yards came off of Joe Webb scrambles as he tallied 121 yards on the ground.  Joe Webb, by the way, may be the single most elusive SOB we're going to play all season.  He wiggled out of tough situations as if he were dipped in bacon grease before every play.
  • The Joe Webb show did allow the Blazers to outgain us on the ground, but they did have several more rushing attempts than our Rebels.  Furthermore, we did not have as many big running plays as they.  We had a few (Bolden's run comes to mind) but hardly what Joe Webb was able to somehow accomplish.
  • Joe Webb's pick thrown to Jeremy McGee in the Rebel endzone was the game's only turnover.
  • Jevan Snead looked pretty good, albeit against the nation's worst passing defense.  15-22, 240YDS, 3TD, 0INT is a good line.  It could have been better, had some receivers caught balls that hit them, you know, in their hands.  I know it was cold and all, but step it up, Rebel wideouts.
  • Nathan Stanley also looked damn fine, throwing for 98 yards in the fourth quarter and being a dropped Melvin Harris pass away (the throw was good, Harris only got one hand on the ball though) from having thrown two touchdowns.  As we at the Cup have said for the past two seasons now, this guy has great touch on deep routes.
  • Rodney Scott, thank you.  You squatty, muscley, fearless freshman you.  Not only has your arrival done things like make Cordera Eason and Enrique Davis play harder, but you have now decided to supplement your presence with a couple of touchdowns on 6.3YPC.

Those are the numbers.  Whiskey Wednesday with the strategic, emotional, and cultural observations soon.

EDIT: Drive Chart from Rocky Top Talk added.  As you can see, our Rebs sarted out slowly, progressing the drives a bit more each time, before scoring on five straight drives.