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UAB Prediction


This post isn't going to be like most of my other predictions. I hope that's alright with you all. I don't want to spend time doing significant research on a team that lost to Southern Miss by 56 points a year ago. This won't be as long or as analytical as several of my predictions in the past.

Read my shortened thoughts after the jump.

Well, if there ever was a week for Jevan Snead to do well and get his mind right, this is it. UAB ranks dead last in the NCAA in passing defense. We have to get it together this week. Another game in which Jevan starts slow and throws a few picks would be devastating not only to our fan base but to the six five four three of us who blog here.

I would guess that Jevan has a field day, throwing for somewhere around 200 yards before halftime, before giving way  midway through the third quarter to Nathan Stanley, who throws a few bombs himself. Anything less than 275 total passing yards will be upsetting to me, regardless of whether we have a lead and want to hold it. Let's get this passing offense right while we can still salvage the season.

The only player on UAB's offense worth discussing is QB Joe Webb. Webb leads the team in passing and rushing and receiving. He's averaging 6.2 yards per carry on offense, which really isn't too impressive of a statistic considering that he's not a Tebow-styled runner (see: not power running). He is used the same way Vick was used most effectively. He rolls out a lot and is given a run/pass option. This could be somewhat of a difficult concept for our defense to handle, but we have stuffed more effective offenses, and I don't see it being a real problem.

Joe Webb helps the Blazers lead the C-USA in rushing, but he also helps them trail the other 11 teams in passing. Marshay Green couldn't have picked a better game to miss with injury.

Rebels roll by 30.

What's your prediction?