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Rebel Roundup - 10/16/09

Brought to you by: Sleeping In!
Hell no I'm not at work today, and hell yeah I slept until 11. Get over it. This week has honestly been a tough one for Rebel blogging anyway. Next week, once SEC play is resumed, we're gonna have all kinds of HATE WEEK and enemy blog participation.

Golf Digest's travel editor was in Oxford last weekend. He made a video. It's below.

What to Watch in the SEC | ESPN
Chris Low gives football fans a rundown of what to look out for this week. Not surprisingly, the development of Jevan Snead is one of them.

Possible Further Expansion of OUS? | Brandt
Thank you to [dedicated Cup fan whose username I just forgot and am too lazy to go back and check] for this link in Brian Walker's Elbow's (that's confusing) post below. After several years of significant athletics construction, we're not seeing very much right now.

Hello, Bastketball.
Yeah, we play that as well and we're supposedly supposed to be above-decent at it this season. We here at the Cup are going to try our damndest to cover Rebel basketball with the fervor we do other sports, despite the fact that it's really not our cup of tea. Don't get me wrong, I love college hoops, but my passion thereof doesn't come close to that of mine for college football. Chris at Blogging the Bracket, a blogmigo of mine, has this to say:

Ole Miss lost All-SEC guard Chris Warren to a knee injury...the Rebels had already lost Eniel Polynice and Trevor Gaskins to injuries, and it's amazing that they managed 16 wins last year. This season, all three guards are back, making the loss of Florida transfer David Huertas almost inconsequential. Zach Graham, the team's best three point shooter, is also back, giving the Rebels perhaps the best backcourt in the league.

Well damn. That's exciting.

Ole Miss is the Safest School in the SEC | The Daily Beast
Take that, you violent, thieving rapists. According to this, Ole Miss can boast the 9th safest campus in America which is tops in the Southeast.