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Rebel Roundup - 10/15/09

We totally didn't mean to have the show last an hour and a half last night, but it did.  Thanks again to Steven Godfrey and Rebel Chuck for their guest appearances.  We will have them back in the future (we will, Steven, you haven't a choice) so if you missed it, don't fret.  You can listen to it via the widget on the right-hand side of the page and I promise that we'll corral ourselves a bit better next week.

Ole Miss vs. UAB | Sports Network
Here's the cookie-cutter preview of the game which is available to media outlets, bloggers, etc.  Aside from the grossly inaccurate measurement of VHS, it's loaded with statistics about the two teams we will see this Saturday.

Nutt Sees Ole Miss Season as Half Full | Commercial Appeal
Half full of misery, vomit, and tears perhaps?  The piece makes a decent point that our Rebels could possibly finish stronger than they did last season, but, honestly, it's times like these when I pat myself on the back for not being much of a gambler.  The final stretch of our season is damned near impossible to predict.

Despite Loss, Trip was Great | The Mississippi Press
Well I'm glad you had fun.  While not nearly as insane and stupid as my weekend, this article focuses on the silver lining of last weekend's cloud, namely the fact that we very much did not lose this party. 

Brand Links | Brandt
Two things: a video interview with Kent Austin and a piece on how well Cassius Vaughn has played thus far.  Support the Clarion Ledger dot com and visit the links.  If you don't, they'll go belly-up and I won't have pure idiot-gold to read every morning in the comments threads.