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Rebel Roundup - 10/14/09

Tailgating in The Grove |  
Aside from the Hotty Toddy meth-head leprechaun pimp guy doing an incredibly awkward Hotty Toddy alongside a guy wearing a far too tight jersey, this is a fantastic slideshow of last weekend's tailgating atmosphere.  FotC Smeargle and his fee-yon-say can be seen in the Red Cup Rebellion tent bloc and, if you know me well enough to discern such a thing, can see my torso in the background.  I'M FAMOUS Y'ALL!

'Bama takes advantage of bad day by Snead | FOX Sports on MSN
How soon folks forget.  Yeah, we're no strangers to being hard on Snead at the Cup, but we also remember a quarterback who stomped a hole in the Rectum of Florida, LSU, and Texas Tech.  We also recall coaching leading a previously 0-8 SEC team to a 5-3 SEC record.  To aggressively call out the coaching after an offensive performance defined by attempting to better the country's single greatest defense and poor execution on the part of our players (namely, Snead) leads me to believe that the asshole who wrote this didn't even watch the game.

Snead, Nutt Talk About Article | Brandt
Which article?  It's fanposted, look to your right.  Snead was misconstrued by some as having called out the fans for negativity when really, as he claims at least, he was simply empathizing.  Regardless, I don't really think our players have handled the media very well at all over the last few weeks.