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BALLOTS - Week 6

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama
2 Florida 1
3 Texas 1
4 Virginia Tech 1
5 Boise State 1
6 Cincinnati 1
7 Southern Cal 4
9 Miami (Florida) 1
10 Oregon 3
11 Iowa 2
12 Ohio State
13 LSU 7
14 Oklahoma State 1
15 Nebraska 5
16 South Carolina 2
17 Brigham Young 6
18 Kansas 2
19 Georgia Tech 5
20 Houston
21 South Florida 4
22 Penn State 3
23 Auburn 9
24 Wisconsin 3
25 Oklahoma
Last week's ballot


Dropped Out: Mississippi (#22), Missouri (#25).
Others Receiving Votes: Georgia, Mizzou, Notre Dame.
USC, BYU, Oregon, and Nebraska were our big risers.  Nebraska's win over Mizzou was impressive, given the circumstances.  The others more-or-less rose by default.  Iowa dropped for some reason which I cannot quite grasp, but whatever.  Auburn and LSU dropped significantly with their losses while the others moved around, once again, by default.  Also, this ballot only expresses the opinions of three of the normal five Cup voters so it's bound to be a bit wishy washy. 
I do think though, that our top-10 is just about right.  It is a good mixture of teams which have earned their spots by virtue of their resumes, talent, coaching, and potential.  It is also pretty diverse with two SEC teams (top of the heap, bitches), two ACC teams, a Big East team, two Pac 10 teams, a Big XII team, and two non-BCS automatics.
The power poll is exactly where it is every week...


  1. Alabama
    The Tide's win over Ole Miss was thorough, impressive, and never in doubt.  Greg McElroy had that bad day we all saw coming, and it didn't matter one bit.
  2. Florida
    Word just came down from Disney - Tebow:  The Comic Book.
  3. South Carolina
    What has no legs and no arms, but can outrun Steve Spurrier and beat him silly?  The impending South Carolina collapse.  Catch all the laughs starting this weekend in Tuscaloosa.
  4. LSU
    Wait, what?  These last two weeks were supposed to expose LSU.  All they've exposed is that there is some minor deity out there who likes boudin.
  5. Auburn
    Gus Malzhan's magical offense had a tough time against a defense which let Georgia and Alabama pass at will.  This does not compute in neither the Ozarks nor on the Plains of Alabama.
  6. Arkansas
    Bobby Petrino gets a huge win over his future employer.
  7. Tennessee
    The only remaining question about Tennessee is when will the shape-shifting alien that replaced Jonathan Crompton have to return to his home planet.
  8. UGA
    The Eastern Division Bulldogs looked pretty dang bad in Knoxville.  But, you know how sly Mark Richt is, he was saving his worst game for the 11:30 spot when no one would be watching.  Clever, Mark Richt, very clever.
  9. Ole Miss
    If Jevan Snead can return to form, the Rebels could climb the poll once again.  That's looking like a pretty big "if," however.
  10. Kentucky
    The Wildcats played a close game at Columbia, but fell short.  At 2-3, they have played their toughest games, and look to finish deceptively strong.
  11. State
    The Western Division Bulldogs kept things competitive against a Top-20 opponent.  However, this does not overshadow losing the Homecoming game.  Tradition fail.
  12. Vanderbilt
    The Commodores noble and self-sacrificial gesture of laying down their record for the armed services was not so touching that it convinced anyone that Vanderbilt isn't supremely bad at football.