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Rebel Roundup - 10/13/09

I know this is usually it's own post, but we're running behind already this week.  Get your picks in.  I just updated the matchups and there are some tough ones to call for this week.  As per the well established status quo, I continue to lead the RCR Pick 'Em and do not plan on relinquishing that lead this week. 

Tiger Bait: A Florida Fan's 24 Hours in Baton Rouge | SB Nation
Ole Miss related?  No.  Funny?  Yes.  Written by a guy who drunkenly babbled on stage in front of a delighted Whiskey Wednesday?  Yes.  Spencer Hall, a.k.a. Orson Swindle writes about his experiences as a Florida fan in Baton Rouge.

20/20 Hindsight: Alabama vs Ole Miss - Roll 'Bama Roll
This post from Roll Bama Roll's byline in the SBNation feed thingy reads "In the wake of the victory over Ole Miss, Alabama is suddenly the MNC pick du jour."  Actually, you were the MNC pick du the last couple of weeks per the blogosphere.

Saturday Lessons: October 10 | Team Speed Kills
What did we learn from this past weekend?  Well, along with an apparent Jevan Snead mind-collapse, a lot.

Monday's with Houston | Brandt
The rumors that Snead would be benched in favor of Stanley for the UAB game are largely dispelled by the coach's press conference.  Also, talk of Marshay Green's temporary replacement and the play of the offensive line were a big part of the presser, so check it out.