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Post Alabama Hangover

Whiskey Wednesday will bring you a postgame as soon as he is finished vomiting his guts out.  At least, I hope. 

Yeah, yeah, the game was miserable, but I had a damn fine weekend.  My stomach is still giving the rest of my body a collective "welcome to the real world, jackass" as the ying to my badass Friday and Saturday nights' yang--but I'll live.  To all of the folks who I got the pleasure of enjoying my weekend with, thanks for being fun despite the misery.  I'll see you all again come the LSU game.  Until then, we've got the internet.

Tomorrow, I travel once again so there may be another "Rebel Roundup brought to you by Southwest Airlies" kind of deal unless Juco or Ivory decide to do one in my absense.  After that, it's UAB HATE WEEK, my thoughts on the whole JTBowtie situation, and an Obama-esque campaign for a change we can believe in.

Hotty Toddy.