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Rebel Roundup - 10/1/09 - Hungover in October

I know I do this often, but I don't care
I'm and my fellow bloggeurs are going to take credit for the ever-popular "zomg Gerald Poe lubs eatin FISH" meme.  You can see it rear it's head once more in this video.  You're welcome, universe.

Oh, did I mention that I'm hung over?
Because I am.  Sorry for the tardiness and somewhat disjointed nature of this Rebel Roundup.  Red Cup Radio was a damn blast though.  Greg McMillan of "Vanderbilt's Daily Mississippian" and Rebel Chuck were on hand for, get this, an hour and twenty minutes of Wiskey Wednesday, One Man to Beat, and yours truly babbling about football.

The Godfrey Show | The Godfrey Show
I don't have one thing in particular to link to, because all of the content over the last week or so has been golden.  If you're not already regularly reading The Godfrey Show, start now.

To The Contrary | TeamSpeedKills
Cock 'n' Fire makes some good points in that, while we're all ready to annoint Alabama and the top of the heap and deride Vanderbilt as the bottom, both have performed about as well this season so far as they did during the last.  It's interesting, but not terribly revealing or fantastic for our Rebels.  If Alabama in 2009 isn't much different than Alabama of 2008 then they're still going to beat Ole Miss on their way to a 12 win campaign.

Video: Cornell and Shackleford |
From Ty and Brandon at Inside the Grove come interviews with our mike linebackers.  Enjoy them, now.