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Weekend preview: Ole Miss vs. Vermont

I don't know much about Vermont. They make maple syrup, they usually have one of those "BraCKetBUSter!!!" teams in basketball. I've heard there's a great place to get ballin' lasagna near the university (Bove' it).

Vermont is ending their baseball program at the end of this season. It's polar bear ass cold there, so it makes sense. Apparently, the athletic department was going to be operating at a $1.1 million deficit, so they had to cut the programs. Just throwing it out there, do they have a football team that's open for Sept. 12? We'll help you out with that little deficit.

The Catamounts are 0-3 this year after getting slammed by Vandy last weekend(7-2, 14-3, 14-1). Vermont is forced to do what many teams above the Mason-Dixon do: come to where it's moderately warm and play against superior teams. We need the sweep, and we should get it unless temperatures drop and snow becomes imminent. Surely that only happens once a year.

Pitching match-ups:
Aaron Barrett- Jr. RHP
Joe Serafin- Sr. LHP

Serafin pitched 6.1 innings against Vandy allowing four runs, three earned and ten hits. He induced eight ground outs and seven fly outs. In my opinion, this means Vandy was knocking the ball around pretty good, but just didn't get it to the gaps for extra base hits. Barrett has a great chance to prove some consistency to the bright spots he's shown so far.

Drew Pomeranz- Soph. LHP
Justin Albert- Sr. RHP

Pomeranz only has action against Arkansas State, so it's hard to say if he has progressed from last season. He got a couple innings in, and even a mediocre effort should keep us in the game. Albert let up six runs, five earned in five innings against Vandy. It looks like he had some control issues with four walks, one wild pitch and one hit batsman. "Throw it in the dirt" chant may not be needed.

Phillip Irwin- Jr. RHP
Keith Rakus- Sr. RHP

Irwin hasn't walked a batter all season and has nine innings of solid work giving up only two earned runs. If Barrett continues to struggle, Bianco might have to move Pomeranz or Irwin to the big timerz Friday role. On the flip side, Keith Rakus has only 4 outs to his credit this season with an ERA over 20. Wow,

Friday: Ole Miss 8 Vermont 4
Saturday: Ole Miss 11 Vermont 5
Sunday: Ole Miss 13 Vermont 3