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Vermont Game 2 Recap

I didn't think I could see anything more comical on a baseball diamond than last night's attempted pick off at first base. In case you weren't there or too inebriated to remember (like most of my friends) the Catamounts attempted to pick off the runner on first, but there was one problem. No one was covering first base. So, the ball went on down the right field line and we got two free bases out of the deal. It was hilarious.

Then there was today's game. Zach Miller gets caught in a pickle between third and home. The Vermont catch has the ball and is chasing Miller back towards third. Miller gets ready to break back towards home as the catcher sends the ball to the third baseman, unfortunately for Vermont the catcher air mailed the third baseman and the ball went out into left field. He would have air mailed the backup if he had been there too. That play will probably sum up the rest of Vermont's baseball season.

I really do not have much more to say about this series/scrimmage. The final was 15-3 and Vermont had another ungodly amount of errors.

It was nice to see Matt Smith hit a home run. It was then even nicer to see him hit another.

Hopefully the rain holds off and we can play the third game, and Vermont can go back to chugging maple syrup and taking road trips to Canada.