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Vermont Game 1 Recap

I'll go ahead and apologize in advance for yet another TOTGA post. So, Aaron Barrett is not that good. It started out poorly for AB and he never could his act together as the Catamounts touched him for four runs on seven hits in only three innnings. He can't expect to be successful when he can only throw fastballs over the plate. He either needs to fix his offspeed problem, but a better solution is Bianco removing him as the Friday starter.

-Vermont or not, the bullpen did a great job the rest of the game. They held the Catamounts scoreless and only allowed four or five more hits. Speaking of the bullpen...Rory Mckean has to change his warm up song.

-I'm officially on the Bittle for Friday bandwagon. Previously, I was in favor of keeping him in the pen but we desperately need another weekend starter. Pomeranz and Irwin look to be fine as the other two, but AB and Corrigan are not ready yet. Bittle must have some more damage to his arm than originally thought, or Bianco is just being very stubborn.

-Kevin Mort is good? If he can get some momentum from his performance last night we may need to scrap that tag. Not only did he have a great night at the plate, but he looked really good at short. I also thought Zach Miller had a good game at third.

-Jordan Henry got it done at the plate tonight. His average rose from .211 to around .280 after his game last night. While the average may not be like in past years, he is still getting on base and making things happen.

-Ole Miss closed the game with 17 unanswered runs.

-Vermont's defense is pathetic. I couldn't tell if I was watching Oxford Middle or collegiate baseball at times. They had four errors when I stopped paying attention to the scoreboard. The squeeze bunt attempt was comical as well.

-I couldn't figure out their strategy of playing with their outfielders so shallow. The Rebels had a couple of doubles that should have been outs, but because of the Catamounts defensive alignments some of our bench players slugging percentage rose a few points. They may have been trying to keep that runner from second from scoring on a single, but when you are down twelve runs you should probably worry about preventing another extra base hit.