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SI Ranks Houston Nutt as the Conference's 4th Best Coach

No, I'm not kidding. Click here. Yessir, Rebel fans, Tom Deinhart of Sports Illustrated (via thinks Houston Nutt is somewhere between Steve Spurrier and Mark Richt in terms of coaching. So this means that Houston Nutt is a better coach than Les Miles and Bobby "our coach who art in Heaven" Petrino... wow.

Tom, you made a foolish mistake with this one. No, I'm not going to disagree with your rankings or anything. I like the good press.

The foolish mistake was putting your email address at the bottom of your piece. At the time of me discovering it, your rankings were approximately one hour old. By my estimations, you should have somewhere between 6 and 7 thousand emails by now; many from the same Fayetteville public library IP address. May God/Allah/Yaweh have mercy on your soul.