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Rebel Roundup: A Slow Monday Afternoon

Rebs Best the Dawgs and Vols, Few Notice - Ivory Tower, as soon as he steps down from his aptly named feat of engineering, will likely fill you in on how all of this went down. Suffice it to say, we could be a shoe-in for the overall SEC title.

Terrico White Named SEC FotW, Again - Despite the agonizing home loss to the LEGhumpin//BULLFRAUDS, Terrico put in another solid slew of performances to earn his third SEC Freshman of the Week award.

We Swept Vermont - Whoooooooo.... I guess. Thanks for the maple syrup, ice cream, and zany liberals, Vermont. You're really holding your own up there.

SEC Tournament Bracket Announced - My prediction: TOURNAMENT CHAMPS WHOOOOO HFT Y'ALL!!!