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Rebel Roundup: Poor Citizenship, Writing, and Judgment

"Dat Bitch" who assaulted "dat" other "bitch" using "a boxcutter, cuz" is sentenced - Marisha Porter, who we've enjoyed lampooning, was given a 10 year sentence for her on campus assault. Terrence "T-Wat" Watson, when reached for comment, said "who da fuck that is?"

The DM brings us a look at Houston Nutt - Read it if you can. I've rarely seen few things as unorganized and uninformative outside of this blog but, if you've got 2 or 3 minutes to kill it's worth it... maybe.

Ed Orgeron is still rockin' em like a hurricane - Apparently he's still using his WWE tactics to wow recruits. You can take the Cajun out of the bayou, but you can't take the bayou out of the Cajun. Dr. Saturday delivers the news while EDSBS's LSUFreek gives the gift of animated-gif-induced-laughter.

It's not all bad news today - Some of our Rebel athletes took time out of their day to be good role models. Jevan Snead, Marcus Tillman, Gerald Harris, and others visited schools throughout Lafayette county to, I dunno, teach children the importance of reading or something. has a photo gallery up which comes complete with photos of Jevan Snead standing in front of a board reading "Jevon Sneed (quarterback)" and Marcus Tillman sitting in a chair which is far too small for his gigantic body.