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If I have learned anything from this basketball season it has been to stand by your predictions. Before SEC play got under way I down played Arkansas' victories over OU and Texas, claimed Arkansas was simply playing above their heads and are in rebuilding mode. I let the Arkansas readers of the blog question my prediction and ended up giving the Hogs credit. Poor choice.

Arkansas is currently 2-12 in the SEC and battling Georgia for the final spot in the SEC Tournament. Drama. They also competed in one of the worst games I have seen this year Sunday against the Bulldogs. I only made it through the first half and can honestly say I didn't see a single possession where defense was present. After watching the game, I can see why Terrico White said the team was laughing after watching film of Georgia. The same will probably be said after watching film of Arkansas during SEC play this season and of Ole Miss if Arkansas watches film of the Alabama game.

Ole Miss is going to have to find a way to protect the paint and force Washington to beat them with a mid range jumper. I think Holloway and Washington is going to be a fun match up to follow in this game.

Courtney Fortson is the other player to watch for the Hogs. He's a high energy player and can go on streaks of pointing up points. Another player to pay attention to is Stefan Welsh. Michael Sanchez also gets my vote for most awkward player in the SEC.

Notable Alumni:

-Mike Conley, SR - An Olympic gold medalist, father of my boy Mike Conley Jr, and was relevant a couple of years ago because he bought a car for McFadden.

-John Daly - You knew he would have to be on here. Whether it is tendency pump in $100 bills at the Grand Casino, golf shirtless, be a drunken fool or dip on the course John Daly is one of everyones favorite Arkansas natives. Be proud, Arkansas.

-Barry Hannah - The novelist who came to his senses and now resides in our fair town.

-Jerry Jones - One of the worst things to happen to the NFL.

-Pat Summerall - A legend in college football announcing who now currently makes the Cotton Bowl close to unwatchable.

-Cliff Lee - I'll give Arkansas some credit here as somewhat of an Indians fans (have to have a favorite AL team). Lee is a beast and really the only reason to ever watch an Indians game anymore.

Sorry this was nothing but me rambling and not saying anything of interest. That's what I do best, dawg.