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More Gifts for the Obamas

After seeing the piece of luggage gifted to then-Senator Obama by our beloved university and how much our President appreciates it (see: just enough to actually use it) I decided that we should all pitch in and snag a few of the following for the Obama family:

For Michelle, a lovely set of bed linens and drapes. Trust me, Madame First Lady, they look much better with the lights off. ;) ;) :P
For Sasha and Malia, a pair of terrific backpacks! Now you can carry all of your schoolbooks in style! Whoah! Slow down there girls, don't fight over 'em! There are plenty of backpacks to go around!
And for Barack we'd like to gift a t-shirt to commemorate the weekend of the Presidential Debate at Ole Miss!

Send any and all thank you letters stimulus checks to Andy Kennedy's defense team.

P.S. - Damn, I hate our marketing department.