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Kalle Norberg Powers Rebs To Victory

Lyon Chadwick, son of coach Billy, primarily uses two words to describe points that go the Rebels' way - "good" and "tough." A winner is "too tough" or "so good." When netters accomplish a string of "good" or "tough" things, Lyon will recognize their consistency by exclaiming his faith that they can continue to do the same "all day." And when our players are not playing particularly "good" or "tough," Lyon implores them to "go to work" or, alternatively, to "make them (the opposing players) work."

Kalle Norberg was so good that it was almost too tough to watch the way he went to work on some jerk from Georgia.

And his did it all day.

Norberg won 6-4, 6-4 to clinch for the Rebels after they had already taken the doubles point and won at #4 with Bram ten Berge and at #6 with Marcel Thiemann. He was all over the court, exhibiting his unique quickness that allows him to always be in the right position.

At doubles, Norberg and Otto Sauer won 8-6 and Devin Britton and Tucker Vorster won 8-4; Jonas Berg and ten Berge went down 6-8.

The importance of beating Georgia to open up the SEC Season is difficult to overstate. The intensity of Norberg and Berg was palpable. They clearly remembered the Elite Eight match with the 'Dogs in 2008. Their passion fueled a fairly raucous (all things are relative) crowd that frustrated Georgia players all afternoon. The crowd may or may not have influenced ten Berge's workmanlike style or Norberg's furious court-coverage, but it clearly assisted Thiemann in his 6-2, 6-2 win.

If the Rebels can take down Tennessee - I'm no eight ball, but I like our chances - and emerge from this monstrous weekend unscathed, they will be the clear early frontrunner for another SEC Championship.