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I'm overstepping my boundaries here...

Though I am not the blogger of choice for anything but baseball (and I'm not even the blogger of choice for that), I stumbled across these stories today on the intra-webs.

We all know how much we loved trouncing Texas Tech in the Cotton Bowl. The Rebel fans that attended the aforementioned trouncing probably noticed how weird (but really nice) the Texas Tech fans were. Some were dressed as pirates and wore eye patches, and all of this is part of Mike Leach's ploy to get a role in Pirates of the Caribbean 3: The Quest for the Big XII South. Anyway, the Pirate's Guild recently named Mike Leach as the coach "most likely to be run through with a sword and be fed to the sharks."

The guild is trying to send the same message the Texas Tech administration was trying to send a month ago: we don't want you either.

In other news, the never ending search for the 12th game for THIS fall's football season was thought to have found some new life. Chris Low reported earlier this week that some schedule shuffling had freed up September 12th for Colorado, and that would have been a perfect match for Ole Miss. I was initially writing this post to encourage Pete Boone to book the game because of this article I found that shows the QB position for Colorado is still up for grabs and will be until August.

As I sit writing this post, Lowe has made another report...

Colorado not a likely foe for Ole Miss.

Dang't Pete Boone. Dang't.

Could scheduling a 12th game really be that hard?