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Recently, Beck, another Ole Miss bloggeur, called The One That Got Away out on his blog. Beck has been very kind to us, so don't take his peice as any sort of actual attack on our blog or think that there's some sort of blog war going on (though that would be really fun). I think it's worth addressing why it is that tOTGA and I share roughly the same views on David Huertas.

Since I don't want to have to quote Beck while he quotes us, I'll summarize his points.

1. David Huertas has not personally cost us a win this year.
Against Utah, Huertas turned the ball over four times and had four fouls. We lost by five points. Granted, Huertas had a decent game offensively, 5/12 for 18 points. Still, the only player who comes anywhere near that number of fouls or turnovers per minute played is Deaundre Cranston who was playing in the third game of his college career.
2. David is one of only two consistent offensive threats on our team.
I would hope so. He's a fourth year shooting guard. No one is disputing that Huertas can be an offensive presence. You would be foolish to say that. The problem is that he can't create his own shots. Next year, when he won't have to do that, he'll be great. We will all love him then when he's draining open threes. I just don't like him when he drives to the basket with three players defending him, puts up an off-balance hook shot and then yells at Murphy Holloway for not stealing the ball from him.
How'd that shot work out for you Dahveed?

3. When Andy Kennedy put David on the bench after a terrible opening to the first half of the UGA game, it was because Andy Kennedy can't show restraint? David went on to score 17 points in that game.
Wow. It's GEORGIA. Georgia is 2-12 in league play and 11-18 overall. I would hope that with our "best offensive player" in the game, we could go into the half up by more than a 27-21 showing. Kennedy obviously was just trying to rattle Huertas into a good performance. It worked. Huertas played 35 minutes and played quite well in the second half.
4. 20 points and problems with the coach are better than two points and a team-first attitude.
I somewhat agree. I'll take Murphy Holloway's type of game over Huertas' any day of the week though. He's aggressive, fighting for every rebound. He scores a good bit of points and makes an impact in every aspect of the game. High percentage shots are the name of his game as well.
5. David Huertas leads the team in assists.
While he pointed this out in his own post, I think it's important to disect this.
David Huertas: 0.07 assists per minute
Terrico White: 0.08 assists per minute
Chris Warren: 0.11 assists per minute
And it's not like Terrico White was the player he is now for the first half of the season.
David Huertas: 2.3 assists per SEC game.
Terrico White: 3 assists per SEC game.
6. David Huertas is a better player than Terrico White.
Terrico White in SEC play: 91/206 - 44.1% field goal percentage
David Huertas in SEC play: 75/198 - 37.8% field goal percentage
I understand that shot percentage and assists are not the only things you can look at to determine who is a better player. however, don't you think that a fourth year player (who is reported to be the best pure shooter on our team) should be better at shooting the ball than a first year player?
7. Huertas helps us win because he puts up a lot of points.
And misses a lot of shots... See above.
8. David Huertas is one of the most intense defensive players on our team.
I wholeheartedly agree. I love to watch him play defense. On the perimeter, he is quite good. He isn't very tough, preferring finesse defense, but that's all you really need on the perimeter anyway.
9. Saying that Huertas shouldn't chew out his teammates is racist. Lost me. Huertas messes up and then unjustifiably yells at his freshman teammates and coaches. I don't watch Nick Calathes play, so I have no idea how he responds to plays when things don't go right.
10. David Huertas is justified in disrespecting Andy Kennedy because Kennedy spent a night in jail.
Ok. Now we're just grasping for straws.
11. Kennedy must not dislike Huertas too much. He plays 35 minutes a game.
Our healthy guards are as follows:
Terrico White
David Huertas
Will Bogan
Zach Graham (sort of healthy)
Who's going to play over Huertas? Will Bogan? I'll never try to argue that Bogan should be in the game over Huertas. Ever.
12. Take Huertas off the team, and we win MAYBE, eight games this year.Yes. That's right. That's because if Huertas were off the team we would have to see Will Bogan a lot more often and would only have THREE guards to rotate. I don't know that our outcome would be that different had Huertas been hurt instead of Gaskins or Polyniece though. I think we would have won a similar amount of games.

Anyway, here's my overall assesment of David Huertas. I think that next year, we're all going to love him. We'll have Chris and Terrico to distribute the ball and will be able to play Huertas in a shooter's role. He won't have to create his own shots. He will also continue to play excellent defense and have a big impact on our team.