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Cupper Throws Down with Catamount

How much confidence do the Catamount players have in themselves? Enough to where one of them met up with some friends of the Cup and TOTGA to get dranked last night. I won't reveal his name/position, I thought about it, but the guy was actually pretty cool so I don't want to ruin his transfer hopes.

Other than being wowed by the women of Ole Miss, sucking at pitcher pong, drunkenly reiterating how he wants to transfer to Ole Miss, trying to freestyle rap and calling all the girls around us "broads," he was pretty tolerable.

He had plenty to say about the baseball team too.

First, he wanted to be clear how bad he thought Aaron Barrett was for a Friday night SEC starter. They were shocked how easy it was to hit off of him and how poor his stuff was. Those were his quotes, not mine. I still think AB can contribute and is simply trying to adjust from JUCO baseball.

The Catamounts didn't think too highly of our fans. Their back up catcher was told by their coach to go to the bullpen and his response was, "Coach, please don't make me go back out there." The students were hurling dip cans, dip spit, dip, beer cans and insults at whoever was in the Vermont pen. According to Vinny Vermont, when they were in the bullpen they sat as close to the backside of the wall as they could to avoid the projectiles. Good job, right field fans.

Despite the treatment of the student section, the Catamounts loved the ball park and Oxford. Although they had to stay "at the fucking stank ass Super 8 Motel."

Couple of notes about the Vermont team: The reason their short stop sucks so much is because they are using their back up third baseman at the position. The starter broke his wrist the series before their trip to Oxford.

They also do not mind traveling down to get waxed by SEC teams. They think it will do help the program as they prepare to go back to the MEAC "and play those fucking high school level teams."

They were very grateful to have not faced The Bittler too, because apparently when you go up against him "it's ovah."

I can also verify that not all people from Vermont enjoy chugging maple syrup.