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Bram ten Berge Is So Tough Right Now

Senior Rebel Netter Bram ten Berge is no slouch, academically. A classics major and member of Phi Beta Kappa, he is, basically, the "model" - it's funny because he looks like Nordic scientiests genetically engineered him based on a picture they saw in an Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue - of a scholar-athlete.

He put his smarts to use yesterday in the latest contribution to REBELOG, a look inside the life of Ole Miss student athletes that, except for when penned by ten Berge or Jason Cook, is pretty much the definition of daytime firework. What is Bramey blogging about? The Rebels big weekend hosting Georgia and Tennessee, of course.

The best part, though, is how ten Berge attempts to introduce soon-to-be-fans to, perhaps, the best thing about the men's tennis team - its utilization of cheesy nicknames:

Fellow senior All-American Jonas "the Ice" Berg (or Jompa for the insiders) and I "10-B", started the year as the No. 1 ranked doubles tandem in the nation.
In addition to [Devin] Britton, the Rebs can count on 52nd-ranked junior Kalle Norberg or "Fresh" and freshman Otto "Otto-matic" Sauer, former top-ranked junior players in Sweden. The rock-solid German twins Chris "Hansi" Thiemann and Marcel "Fritzy" Thiemann, and last, but not least, Tucker "the Dragon" Vorster, round out the talented squad.

Get in on the inside jokes this afternoon. Doubles matches kick off at 2:00 at the Palmer-Salloum Tennis Center. I am guessing we will see Berg/ten Berge at #1 doubles, Britton/Voster at #2, and Norberg/Sauer at #3. As far as singles go, I expect to see Jonas Berg, Devin Britton, Bram ten Berge, Kalle Norberg, Marcel Thiemann, and Otto Sauer in that order.