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Baseball Schadenfreude

So, you think losing to Mercer, South Alabama, and TCU before cancelling a doubleheader due to weather is bad, huh?

Well, yeah... it is.

But, don't worry, we're certainly not the only ones who have had to endure early-season baseball embarrassment. Behold, my quickly compiled list of shitty things that have happened to 2009 SEC baseball programs thus far.

Dropped 2 of 3 to Southeast Missouri
Two games against Illinois-Chicago cancelled
Lost to Troy

Lost to Kansas
Two games against Western Illinois cancelled

Dropped 2 of 3 to Elon
Game against Florida State cancelled

Swept by in-state rival Miami
Lost to FAU

Dropped 2 of 3 to Illinois (during the new Box's opening weekend)

Mississippi State
Lost to Northern Illinois
No contest against Nicholls State
Dropped 3 of 4 to Hawaii

South Carolina
Game against Clemson cancelled

Game against Oregon State cancelled
Lost to Austin Peay
Game against FIU cancelled
Lost to USC upstate

There are plenty of losses I've left out, but they're not so much embarrassing (losing to Coastal Carolina, Long Beach State, Oregon State, and other "baseball schools.") Keep it all in perspective, Rebels. Few SEC teams have gone through this still young season without a few "omgwtf's."