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Baseball Moved to Oxford

Tuesday's game against the Arkansas State Whoosey-Whatsits has been moved to Oxford and scheduled for a 6 p.m. start. The game was relocated because Jonesboro is a terrible town where the best place to pick up chicks is Cici's Pizza the combined number of the Ole Miss coaching staff outnumbered expected attendance at Whoosey-Whatsit Stadium, even when divided by three Houston Nutt hates Arkansas Ryan Mallett ran his car into the bullpen at Whoosey-Whatsit Stadium on Saturday night inclement weather was predicted.

That means tomorrow will be a blistery, but unusually full, midweek day of Rebel sports in Oxford. Begin your day with a drink. Then, take in the Rebel Netters first outdoor match against Memphis at 2 p.m. The Tigers have all the flair you might expect from an inner-city tennis team, so Billy Chadwick's bunch will have dispatched their opponents with plenty of time for you to run over to Sterling, chug a few beers, and grab a Baconator to go on your way to Oxford-University Stadium without missing the first pitch, which will probably be disappointing for the Rebs, anyway.