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UT Preview

I'll be the first to admit when I am wrong and that is the case when it comes to Tennessee's season so far. The Volunteers are still doing alright and still have legitimate Tournament aspirations with their 16-8 record, 7-3 in the SEC.

Still, the Vols have dropped some disappointing contests. Gonzaga (twice), Temple, Memphis at home and Kansas. Basically, they haven't been able to pull off a big win.

The Vols are led by Tyler Smith, JP Prince and Wayne Chism who are all averaging over 10 points a game. Tyler Smith is projected to be a first round pick and Wayne Chism is one of the harder to defend bigs in the SEC. Personally, I think Prince is overrated and cannot stand seeing him out on the court. He is a walking turnover with no midrange game and is shooting 6 percent from beyond the arc, not a typo.

Besides these three, the Vols also have some key freshmen and newcomers on the team. Scotty Hopson looks to be a future NBA player and is averaging 9 points per game and Emmanuel Negedu looks to be a promising player for the Vols.

Next you have to look at the two biggest names on the Volunteer roster. The Solution and Swiperboy. Or, in case you aren't familiar with their stage names, Bobby Maze and Renaldo Woolridge.

Maze, a JUCO transfer from Kansas, quickly made a name for himself with his hit single "I Put on For Tennessee." The song took off among UT fans and even inspired an awesome new shirt for douche bag UT students to wear that simply says "I Put On For Tennessee." You may remember one sporter of said shirt sitting directly behind Jay Bilas during one of Tennessee's games back in January. I don't know about you, but I'm waiting on Rebel Rags to take off on this idea so I can start wearing an awesome new shirt that says "All the fine girls go to Ole Miss."

Here is Bobby Maze/B-Maze/Be Amazed/The Solution's video:

Don't forget about his man Prince...his man Prince.

Perhaps Bobby should spend less time doing his best AI meets Ron Artest impersonation and work on his assist to turnover ratio a little more.

The final rap is Renaldo Woolridge, aka Swiperboy, aka The Answer, aka Bluejay's hit Voller Ball. I'll let him introduce the video to you in his own words.
"Sup..haha...yea...this ya boy The Answer aka Swiperboy...I got somethin new for yall..."

Honestly, it's not that bad.

Tennessee isn't the three point shooting power it once was. They have more athletes now and like working the inside more too with Chism and Smith. Malcolm and Holloway will have their hands full with these two players and their performance on both ends will determine the outcome of this game.

Tennessee 72
Ole Miss 68