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So I'm not generally one to do this, but I started worrying about the spots in our class. I'm sure that the coaches will work it out, but it's really looking complicated.

We currently have 30 commitments plus Andre Sterling and Aaron Hawkins. So that's 32 players who need to split 25 scholarships.

We have been told that Stephen Houston and Eric Smiley are sign and place. That's back down to 30. Gabriel Hunter and Evan Swindall will greyshirt. Now we're down to 28.

But that's where it ends. We don't know who, if anyone else, will greyshirt or fail to qualify. So we're three over the limit RIGHT now.

We're looking at a lot of players who are at least strongly considering us. We may not get a single one, but things look promising with a few. Raymond Cotton, Pat Patterson, Corey Gaines, Alex Williams, Mike Marry and Jesse Grandy have all hinted that we lead. If we only get half of those, that puts us over the limit by SEVEN.

Like I said before, I'm sure the coaches have a plan, but I really hope that plan isn't to spring a greyshirt on six players who think they're really signing scholarship papers with us.

Have any of you heard anything about other players failing to qualify or greyshirting?