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RSC Salutes

With the annual man-boy love-fest of recruiting season finally having drawn to a close, some very interesting storylines emerged in the Southeastern Conference. As always there was the intra-conference bickering - pissfits between Houston Nutt and Nick Saban, between Mark Richt and Urban Meyer, and between Lane Kiffin and, well, everybody. The Right Reverend Nutt got so gall-giggity worked-up that he forgot he was recruiting for a football team and not a sorority, but he's still just ohmigodlikeyallsoexcited!!!1! And all eyes were on Starkville to see how the SEC's only freshman coach would fare on his first signing day. The biggest news, if not the most surprising news, is that which we at RSC really feel like we need to recognize. It is this:

Bobby Petrino dominated the state of Arkansas.

It's tough for a Rebel to admit this clear and unimpeachable evidence of Bobby Petrino's superiority over Houston Nutt, but facts are facts. And it's all right here in black and white: Petrino lassoed in every Arkansan target on the Razorbacks' big board. Every one.

"Oh, yeah, Bobby Petrino is clearly heads and shoulders above Houston. Bobby got every in-state prospect he wanted. Whereas, with Houston, I knew he would always ignore any quarterback who could throw and just sign 25 running backs on the team. One time Houston recruited an armless quarterback, no lie, that was like no where near our target list," Steve Roberts, head coach at Arkansas State, said.

"And, hey, losing on television like Bobby does is better than not being on TV at all."

Charlie Weatherbie, head coach at cross-border rival UL-Monroe, told The Cup that he "thought we had a real good shot at some of those Arkansas prospects, what with the way we really should've beat the hogs, but Petrino just has the lockdown on that state."

"I mean, seriously," Weatherbie continued, "can you think of any Arkansas prospects worth a s**t that Nutt recruited to that school?"

It is his dominance in the talent-rich State of Arkansas that will undoubtedly lead to Bobby Petrino's eventual departure to a more prestigious program placement among the truly great coaches in the history of the SEC, where; a distinction, we must all admit, to which Houston Nutt will never ascend.