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RSC Poll: Diamonds in the Rough?

Of the several less-highly rated (gettin' PC here) signees we inked yesterday, who do you feel has the potential to be great and prove that their two or three stars were the product of either poor scouting or evaluation?

Your choices are:

Michael Brown - OT
Jesse Grandy - ATH
Terrell Grant - WR
Dele Junaid - DB
Ja-Mes Logan - WR
Emmanuel McCray - OT
Andrew Ritter - K
Charles Sawyer - DB
Alex Williams - DE

I whittled this down to a list of eight by removing the obviously grossly underrated (Z Mason, for example) and likely grade casualties (Eric Smiley, for example). My choice would most certainly be Dele Junaid. While was very lightly recruited and scouted, he was an All 5A safety in Texas. He's got a great frame on which to build and I wouldn't be surprised to see him end up at OLB after a couple of seasons spent in the weightroom as a result of him taking a redshirt and riding the pine.

    Vote on the left and share your pick and reasoning if you please.