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Recruiting Analysis - Halfbacks

We've been busy with our personal lives and some new "developments" around here which you'll all hopefully see and enjoy very soon. Our apologies. To continue our analysis of this gigantic signing class, I will focus on halfbacks today. If Juco could spare a minute to tell everyone about our incoming linebacker class, that'd be nice too.

Rodney Scott - HB - Dixie County HS - Cross City, FL
Rodney Scott was one of this season's most sought after halfbacks. He was regarded as one of the Sunshine State's top runners (selected to play in the Florida All-Star game) and, with offers from all across the SEC, he would have been a nice addition to anyone's class.

As you can see from his video, he as a good pad level, decent speed, and is not afraid to make a risky move if it could mean more yards. While not a burner, he's got the speed it takes to get past the first and second level with seeming ease. Scott will add just that much more depth to our already deep corps of runners.
Another fun fact of which I'm sure most of you are aware: Rodney Scott was an Auburn commitment before the shooing-off of Tommy Tuberville and the hiring of Jean (lol) Chizik. Thanks, batshit crazy jealous Auburn boosters!

Gabriel Hunter - HB - Kingsbury HS - Memphis, TN
Gabriel Hunter was one of the top prospects out of the Memphis area this season and had earned offers from Tennessee, Texas Tech, and Auburn. At 5'11" and 185, Hunter has ideal size for a high school power back. Of course, he needs to gain some weight before seeing serious playing time in the SEC and will very likely be a gray/redshirt this fall. Why gray/red? Because we're not 100% sure as to who all will fall into those categories. We can speculate and guess and come up with a pretty good guess as to how we'll whittle our gigantic signing class down to the mid-twenties through grayshirts and sign-and-places but we can't be certain of anything just yet.

Stay tuned for further post signing day analysis from myself and Juco-All American.

"Hey, wait, what about Tig, Simon, Korvic Neat and those guys?"

Chill out. We're going to have them in an "athlete" post. These guys are incredibly versatile and are likely to see action on the field at positions other than running back. Trust us, we've not forgotten about them.