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Rebs to face Tigers... No, not those Tigers... no, not those either.

They play basketball at Auburn?

The Roundball Rebs will be facing the Auburn Tigers tonight on the Plains. Auburn is statistically the conference's best defensive team so if the Rebels go cold, it won't be brief. The keys to winning this game should be offensive boards (I'm looking at you, Murphy Holloway), letting Terrico keep them honest on the perimeter, and reducing poorly chosen shots.

If one of our big men have a decent night coupled with a big night from either Terrico or Dahveed, we should have more than a punchers chance to win. To think, we're within reach of being over .500 in SEC play. Say what you will about his issues, but Andy Kennedy has his younguns playin' some ball right now.

I know Auburn isn't one to lose at home, and I know we're not ones to win on the road, buuuutttt......

Rebels - 67, Auburn Tigers - 60

Any other analysis? TOTGA, OMTB, either of you have anything to add?