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Rebels stunned by USA in extra frames

Well, a huge waste of human sat behind us at today's baseball game between our Rebels and the South Alabama Jaguars.

This guy complained about EVERY SINGLE PITCH that went against his team. He accused Ole Miss of every travesty imaginable including buying the game away from his beloved Jags, cheating against Mercer(a game we lost) and the JFK assassination. I'm sure you have had a similar experience, possibly even at an Ole Miss game. Lives and dies with every call by an umpire.

He was one of the most miserable people I have ever had to sit near during a baseball game. Sitting by himself in a faded USA t-shirt, sporting grey sweatpants and velcro Rockport sneakers, I can only imagine his portly physique playing baseball at some level in his life.

His annoying personality drove everyone in his life away as he was sitting by himself but had no reservations about eavesdropping on our conversations. We spoke to those around us about Scott Bittle's great pitching ability, and he mocked us with our own words as USA drove a run across in the tenth to seal the Rebel loss.

He quickly waddled down the steps after the game's ending realizing he was in the same section as many Ole Miss player's parents who were giving him the stink eye throughout the afternoon. We luckily snapped a few photos of this brute and will be posting them as soon as possible.

The loss was embarrassing, because our pitching staff was really on point against the Jaguars while our bats were incredibly useless. We ground into three double plays while stranding over half a dozen. It was flat-out frustrating, and I hope this team does some soul searching before Texas Christian comes to town.

Mobile wasn't all bad. Most of the USA fans were reasonable, but we got the Christmas gift of sitting by Sweats McJaguar.

A few quick notes:
- Liberty ended up winning the Coca-Cola Classic with a 2-1 record with the loss coming to Ole Miss.
- Evan Button looked like he pulled or strained a hamstring running out a ground ball during the USA game. It was very tough to see as he was coming back from a season ending injury last year.
- Mike Snyder got his first action as a Rebel at 3B.