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Rebels Defeat Georgia Bulldogs 69-47

NOTE: Our basketball guys are currently in Mobile leaving me, the Mississippi expat, to cover a game which I was only to hear half of via internet radio. Thanks, assholes. Have fun with your "baseball" and "girls" and "Mardi Gras."

If the frustration of the impossible-to-comprehend loss to the Mercer [MASCOT]s yesterday at Mobile's Coca Cola Classic could possibly be assuaged by anything, it may be this: our basketball team has a .500 conference record.

Wow. I honestly would have thought that impossible a month ago. Dahveeeeed has become more consistent, the Whites have come into their own, and Kennedy is reintroducing us to his aggressive coaching style.

Yesterday, our Rebels handed the Georgia Bulldogs a loss to the tune of 69-47. While a rather unimpressive win when considering the state of Georgia basketball (how in the hell were they the SEC champs last year?), the occasion was stunning with all circumstances considered. Terrico White and David Huertas both scored from all over the floor and Malcolm White was a man-child, racking up a career-high 5 blocks. Our defense was good enough to keep Georgia to a paltry %25 shooting percentage.

While our regular season performance won't have us anywhere higher than "on the bubble," with regards to an NCAA tournament berth, a successful postseason could back us into the big dance. I certainly doubt it actually does happen, but it's not that far out of a possibility.

Next up: the Auburn Tigers, 8PM, Wednesday.