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Rebel Roundup - Where have all the Cuppers gone?

We've been terribly busy and a few of us are currently MIA (honeymoons? jail? who knows). Please accept our apologies, cup fans, for our delinquency. For now, sustain yourselves off of these links.

Ask Coach Chris Vaughn - It's pretty interesting, I guess. He talks a bit about recruiting (which he hasn't gotten enough credit for) and our returning and incoming defensive backs. There was one part in response to a question about the differences between recruiting at Arkansas and Ole Miss which elicited an "oh snap" out of me:
Now we are in a true southern state, recruiting in southern states and that makes it easier.
Gotta love that Coach Vaughn. He really is a good one and I'm pretty damn glad to have the guy.

Ole Miss Earns a Vote - For SEC Baseball champion, that is. The SEC coaches seem to think we're a good team but, after last year's fiasco of a season, I'm assuming that we're all reserving our judgment of this team until the postseason. Stay tuned for in depth Cup coverage of the Coca Cola Classic to kick off our 2009 baseball coverage.

Chris Low Gives Love, Etc. - For Valentines Day,'s Chris Low gave every SEC team something about which to be hopeful. We Rebels were reminded that Jevan Snead and Kent Austin are badasses. We didn't need the help with that, Chris, but we appreciate your observation nonetheless. He also did some research and outlined the major OOC opponents for each team over the next few years. Some games which should be interesting are Ole Miss vs. Clemson, Ole Miss vs. Texas, Alabama vs. Penn State, Tennessee vs. Oklahoma, Tennessee vs. Ohio State, Georgia vs. Oregon, South Carolina vs. North Carolina, and many, many others. A lot of SEC h8urz like to say that we're afraid to play opponents outside of the Southeast. To that I say "malarkey," keep h8in.