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Rebel Roundup - Post Superbowl Monday

Superbowl Sunday took a toll on me. I'm still scraping barbecue sauce out from under my fingernails and can't really get my eyes open more than halfway so pardon today's lazy blogging. As for the Superbowl, it was a helluva game. Larry Fitzgerald is somewhere between Hannibal Barca and Winston Churchill in the all-time "ballsiest baller" scale. I still hate the Steelers but, damn, you've gotta respect a franchise that has won six Superbowls. Also, I'm still laughing at that commercial where an animatronic Koala with a British accent got punched in the face.

Anyway, here are some interesting links that you've likely already seen:

Andy Kennedy's Arrest Video - Yes, it's all right here. You can see a visibly drunk Andy Kennedy futilely plead his case to the arresting officer, and a bunch of overly "cop-esque," smartassed comments. Seirously, what's the damn deal with every police officer out there thinking they're some kind of one-liner machine? The only quip that either cop gets out that is at all humorous is the "we deal with the Bengals" line in response to Andy Kennedy warning them that this arrest will make national headlines (or become an "international altercation..." eesh, that's drunk right there). You can also see Bill Armstrong lose his lid and angrily curse at the dirty motherfucking lying son-of-a-bitch cabbie accuser, leading to his subsequent arrest. Watch the video (kinda-sorta NSFW with all of the f-bombs) and comment below, Cup fans.

D.T. Shackleford: Smart, Charitable, Blue-Chipper - We're keeping the recruiting talk on the down low until Wednesday when we'll be live-blogging for signing day. Until then, enjoy this piece on a nice young man from Alabama who may or may not have committed to play linebacker for the Rebels this weekend. We're not following recruiting right now, remember? Anyway, if we were to perhaps recruit and earn a commitment from this young man on the weekend before signing day, snatching him out of the grasp of Lane Kiffin's staff of super-recruiters, we would be adding a heckuva linebacker and an even greater human being to our football lineup.

We Finally Defeated Wake at Something - Yes, we're still pretty good at tennis. Perhaps Ivory Tower or one of our more frilly, Victorian-era sports enthusiast readers could give you more info. Me, I'm too busy watching Die Hard and eating pork to pay attention to a bunch of European guys jump around in tight fitting pastels.