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Rebel Roundup - Houston Nutt Does Some Stuff

Is our Signing Class a bad Precedent? - talks about Houston Nutt's and Butch Davis' recent signing day classes. It's a fairly interesting read and attempts to digest the bitter, fibrous mass that is SEC recruiting.

The Senate Wastes More Time and Money - The Mississippi Senate recently recognized Houston Nutt's success thus far at Ole Miss. While this is certainly older news, I didn't realize that they actually gave him a framed plaque thing to commemorate it. Hey, Senate, why don't you work on something like, I dunno, our shitty public schools instead. The few of us who actually pay taxes would appreciate that.

Scott and Sanders Excommunicated from the Right Reverend's Congregation - James Scott and Justin Sanders have been shunned by Houston Nutt's Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Community of Friends in the name of our God Jesus for "violation of team rules." No, I do not yet know what that means but I'm guessing they didn't keep their Lenten promise (we're only 2 days into it guys, c'mon). Scott, the Ohio State transfer, was expected by many to contribute to the Rebels' thin secondary this fall. Sanders, not so much, as he was stuck way towards the bottom of our depth chart at DT.