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Rebel Roundup: Commitments, Misfits, Vikings

Randall Mackey Commits - The Former Bastrop, LA standout quarterback and Rebel signee will graduate from EMCC in December before joining the Rebel football team. Mackey will be a perfect fit for the Wild Rebel and, no, this is not some sort of "everybody says that about all of our recruits" kind of thing; we really mean it. The kid's elusive, quick, and has a good enough arm to be a legitimate passing threat.

Daverin Geralds Named to SI's All -Two Star or Fewer Team - Also on the team are Alabama's Terrence Cody, Kentucky's Trevard Lindley, and Vanderbilt's Patrick Benoist. I felt that Daverin Geralds did a helluva job this year. We rarely had a botched snap (if any) from the Rebel center. Mike Markuson really can develop offensive line talent and Geralds is great evidence of this.

Rebel Netters to Face #1 Buckeyes - The Rebel tennis team, the 8th best tennis team in the college tennis ultraverse, will face the #1 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes tonight. I really don't know much of anything about this but I found it to be pretty interesting nonetheless. Click here for someone to actually "explain" it to you.