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Ok... so is this the "mystery recruit"?

I don't believe that there is a mystery recruit. I think it's something that Yancy made up to later look good if a commitment came out of nowhere.

However, read this. Ok. Now sure. That doesn't mean anything to us. I mean, LSU is his favorite, and why wouldn't they sign him?

But wait, apparently, Reuben Randle's father has recently stated that if Benton signs with LSU, Randle will not. He apparently wants to be the indisputably best WR in his class. So, that brings up two scenarios:

1. Benton's offer is revoked, and he is forced to look elsewhere (see: us). He signs with us. We have gotten a commitment from the former #7 WR in the country.

2. Benton signs with LSU. Randle does not. Randle signs with Alabama. This causes Patterson to sign with Ole Miss. In this circumstance, we have a LOI from the #5 WR in the country (Patterson).

Sure, maybe Benton signs with LSU along with Randle, but hey... it's the day before signing day. How can crazy rumors not start coming out of the woodwork?

Ok. This is ridiculous. Can signing day just come already. I'm going to convince myself that all of USC's class is going to sign with us.