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Moon Landings Faked, 9/11 an Inside Job, Monk Ratted on by Nutt

Un. Fucking. Believable.

That link will send you to the SEC Rant board of TigerDroppings, one of the most popular SEC message boards on the web. Specifically, the link brings you to a thread which proposes the following scenario:

Marcus Monk, former Houston Nutt coached wideout who spent a brief amount of time on the Chicago Bears roster before returning to Fayetteville to play hoops, was removed from the Razorback basketball team after it was revealed that he had been in violation of certain eligibility rules. Houston Nutt found out and snitched to Andy Kennedy who in turn snitched on Monk.

Wow. Just, wow.

You've done it again, Razorback nation. You've derailed the reason express. What's even more amazing is that each subsequent anti-Nutt allegation is more preposterous than it's predecessor. What's next? Is Houston Nutt hiding Bin Laden? Was Houston Nutt on the grassy knoll? Has Houston Nutt written this badass new book called Diuretics or something?

Look, Houston Nutt had nothing to do with this. Monk was in violation of the rules and he got caught. Yes, it is that simple. I know that it isn't the convenient or fun answer, Arkansas, but it's the most logical. Despite whatever you may think, Houston Nutt has better things to do than investigate the eligibility of his former receivers.

All of the necessary links are within that thread so click away if you've got time. Suffice it to say, this shit is bananas like monkey turds and just about as lofty so peruse at your own risk.

You're not fooling me, Nutt!