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Late February Draft Talk

A few notes we've gathered from Friends of the Cup (FotC) and the Arpatubes:

-Mike Oher's stock has been falling, along with his counterpart of the Crimson Tide, Andre Smith. Apparently their physical strengths and work ethics have come into question. Many scouts now have Baylor's Jason Smith and/or Virginia's Eugene Monroe ahead of the SEC heavyweights on their big boards. Of course, many others still see them as the top tackle prospects so it's still anybody's guess as to where they'll end up come April.

-Mike Wallace is crazy fast. He turned in one of the fastest speeds for a receiver at the combine and has certainly helped his draft stock on pure athleticism alone. The word is that his route running skills aren't NFL level (hell, they weren't college level) but that hasn't kept him out of the picture as a late-first-day/early-second-day pick.

-Peria Jerry should still be a first round pick. He doesn't have incredible lower body strength when compared to other top DT's, but the scouts can't get over his film, attitude, and motor. I think a team running a base 3-4 would be well served to see him at SDE but maybe I'm way off on this one.

-Links and links and links and links where you can find some of this information and more.