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Juco's Bird

Ok, alright, I can't blame him for the optimism. We've both got great sources who have consistently given us good information which, at the very least, has been entertaining in that strange, football free universe of February-August. Sometimes they're wrong, but oftentimes they're right. Yes, yes, we've got good reason to believe a lot of things right now but we all know not to count any proverbial chickens before any proverbial hatchings. Damn you Joe McKnight, Keiland Williams, Robert Elliot and all of you other "last-minute mystery recruits oh ok lol omg just kidding Fight on/Geaux Tigers/Rattle rattle" sons of bitches for causing me to loathe signing day.

Having all of that been said, The Red Solo Cup will be liveblogging tomorrow from about 8AM onward. Come one, come all, and join in. We'll be fielding comments and questions from readers all damn day so. If you're bored at work or stuck in class it will be more than worth it.

Having that been said, please do post whatever rumors you've heard in his post's comment thread. They'd be fun to read and you know it.

Hotty Toddy. Tomorrow should be, interesting, to say the least.