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Football Withdrawal

If you, like me, are in football withdrawal, I'm attempting to ease some of your pain with a little bit of news. These are all from "sources", but the sources are generally pretty good.

Bolden to Fullback
Word "on da streetz" is that Bolden is going to get a strong look at fullback this offseason. It's doubtful that he would make a full-time move to that position, but the coaches are going to look at using him as a fullback in certain packages. I love this move. Putting another player on the field that defenses need to worry about is a great idea, and this will give us even more options for imaginative plays. I have visions of a triple option with Jevan, Cordera and Bolden out of the shotgun.

12th Game - We're not in Kansas anymore. Heck, we're not even in the FBS.
I'm hearing more and more that the 12th game will be against some directional school from 1AA. This is not good news, since I was looking forward to another legitimate opponent on the schedule, but it speaks a lot about where our program stands right now. The apparent hold up on slotting this game with a worthwhile team is that no one wants to play us. The demands were apparently outrageous monetarily from some of the other BCS conference teams who viewed the game as a "sure loss". Still, it's repulsive that we'll play two 1AA opponents next season.

2010 Class looking good in-state
It's really early to start talking about next signing class, but I'd be remiss not to mention the fact that this staff has started very strong in the state of Mississippi. Many of the top players in the state have named us their leader. Those players include WR Vincent Sanders, RB Matthew Wells, DE/DT Devin Clark, Carlos Thompsonand (Memphis is basically part of our state) O.C. Brown. If you have a rivals account, watch Brown's video. It's out of this world as far as pulling guards go.