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Fat Tuesday's Rebel Roundup

Yessir, the only day when an Ole Miss Rebel can act like an LSU Tiger and not hate him/herself afterwards. I hope you're all celebrating somehow, whether it be in Oxford, the Big Easy, or at points beyond as a part of the Rebel diaspora. To ease you through the day like an oversized-cinnamon-roll-stuffed-with-cream-cheese induced coma, here are some links:

Baseball Stadium Ready? - Apparently so, as the Rebels and their new fancified digs are set to take on Central Arkansas for the 2009 home opener. One of our baseball correspondents should fill you in later on today assuming that they're not still grieving this past weekend's losses.

Michael Oher and Eugene Monroe Don't like Weightlifting - That's what I gather from this. I mean, c'mon, they've got to be stronger than that, right? I doubt this absolutely kills the big man's draft stock, but it could (and has already to a certain extent) damage it significantly. On another note, Peria isn't participating in all of the combines workouts because he either doesn't want to hurt his draft stock or thinks all of this running and jumping is "gay, dawg."

Ole Miss Featured on College Football Live Yesterday - They're doing some fancified countdown or something. Anyway, here's what was shown, courtesy of ReplayReb (as always). ESPN analysts love Houston Nutt and Jevan Snead which is a welcome change of pace for this bloggeur.