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Ed Orgeron's 2006 Class - Re-ranked to #7

According to Andy Staples (a fella who I've gone on record as calling a "dumbass"), our 2006 recruiting class is a top-10 style team in hindsight. While we've basically shrugged our shoulders at recruiting rankings as of late with our "they matter but not that much" stance, that doesn't make this assessment any less interesting.

That class saw some booms and busts. While there were certainly some players who contributed as we would have expected, there were just as many total busts as there were "diamonds in the rough." If anyone needs any indication of why Ole Miss fans are skeptical of recruiting rankings, 2006's recruiting class is it.

Of course, the success in 2008-9 wouldn't have been at all possible without Jevan Snead (2006 signee for Texas), Mike Wallace (2005), Michael Oher (2005), Peria Jerry (2005), Brandon Bolden (2008), Ashlee Palmer (2007), Marshay Green (2005), and Jamarca Sanford (2004) so take Andy Staples' word for whatever it may be worth.