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Day 2 of Coca Cola Classic: Ole Miss vs Mercer

Yesterday's victory should have been a good confidence builder for our team. We played good small ball with a sacrifice fly to bring in the go-ahead run but also had the big three run bomb from Logan Power early on to show the line-up has some pop in their bats.

Pitching was a little touch and go with Aaron Barrett. He made a couple mistakes, and Liberty made him pay. Lesson learned, hopefully. Our bullpen gave four solid innings in relief, and if it is any foreshadowing, I feel comfortable giving them a lead this season.

Mercer got lit up by USA last night 9-2. We could've gone to the game with our all day tickets, but we decided to eat massive amounts of hot wings and drink beer instead. The entertainment value was roughly the same.

We're not expecting Mercer to come from behind like the Flames did yesterday if the Rebels jump out to a lead. I and Brian Walker's Elbow fully expect a thrashing today.

Chris Corrigan will be taking the mound for Ole Miss at a striking physique of 6'3'' 157 lbs. according to our AD website. If this is true, his body is basically a bullwhip flinging a ball towards home plate. He's got game, though, as Toronto drafted him in the 18th round out of Juco.

There were approximately 12 scouts with radar guns at the game yesterday for Barrett's appearance, so we'll see how many turn out for today.

Kevin Mort didn't have a great game against Liberty, so we're wondering if he'll get another chance today. Bianco may consider moving Button to SS and getting a Snyder or Logan Williams to play 3B. Obviously, it's a little early to write off a player, but while it's early, this is when you have to experiment with the line-up before you get into SEC play.