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Coaches Kennedy and Bianco compete for worst performance

This morning I awoke with joy as my beloved Rebel baseball team was playing its first weekend series in the new stadium (it's easier to say than newly renovated and expanded). Though the awful weather put a slight damper on my bright outlook, I settled down into the water covered seats. What followed was an absolutely awful performance.

Though the Rebels put on a show hitting the ball that included home runs from Zach Miller, Kyle Henson and Matt Snyder, I considered their defensive performance, well, "offensive." I could only put up with the awful performance for 5 innings as I was rain soaked and freezing, so I left and went to the basketball game and watched their awful performance.

While I was there, I witnessed total apathy from the part of the defense. The infield showed an inability to turn the double play and think on the run. The outfield on one specific instance did not relay the ball to the infield properly and it allowed another run to score. Every fan in attendance was really frustrated with the defense today.

The positive was the offense. Any time you score 13 runs, you expect to win. This makes the third straight game where the offense plated some runs. If Mike can get the defense fixed, this team might have a fighting chance.

The Rebels take the field tomorrow at noon to play a double header. According to the Ole Miss Website, both games will be 9 innings.