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Be My Valentine, Terrence

TeRR BeAr,

Boi, I haD drEAmEd AboUt U laSt niGhT AgIn! I nO U bIn lOoKiN @ mY FAceBOOk! BoI U BetTa RigHt oN My WaLl! U mAy NoT LoOk @ mY FaCeBooK BuT I No I look @ YoUrs!!! WhY DoN’T YoU eVAR caLl?? I jUs 1 2 TalK 2 U! I CaLleD U thA UtHa DaY! I dOnT THiNk U sEeN It BuT I cAlLeD U A LoT sO U MiGhT HeRE It BuT U DidNT!
U bIn HanGiN’ LoW WITh ThAt UtHa GUrl? DaT BiTcH I cUt wItH Da BoX CutTAhZ? I hOpE Not CuZ iF U HaZ I gOn CuT U! HAHAHAHA! iM JuSt PlAyINg! I WoOD NeVAr HuRt U TwAtTy WaTtY! U No I lUv U! I LuV U MoRe DaN D’LiShUs LuVs FlAvA o NeW YoRk LuV TaYleR MaId!
BuT iF U HanGin WiT Dat CrAzY BitCh AgIn, I DoNT KnOw WuT I WoOD Do. It MaY Get mIdEivAl Up in Here! My GuRl CaNnIe aNd Me Is gOnA CoMe vIsiT dAt bItCh aND We GoN BriNG OuR CutTAhZ in CaSe ShE neEd uS tO OpEn a PaCkaGe or SuMThIng!
CaLl Me BaCk TeRR BeAR. We ShUd B 2GethA 4EvA!

Ur GuRl,